Forwarding Wowza Streams

In order to forward streams from your Wowza Streaming Engine server to your MAS streaming configuration follow this procedure:

  1. Create an application in your Wowza server.
  2. Specify a source (for direct publish from device or camera) or specify an incoming stream (under Stream Files). Once you have your stream active and running, you can now forward this to your MAS configuration.
  3. Click "Stream Targets" and then "Add Stream Target". Select "Generic RTMP" and click "Next". Because Generic RTMP has no specific options, click "Next".
  4. On the next screen fill in the fields as described below:
  • Stream Target Name - enter a name for your stream, this is just for display purposes on your Wowza admin panel so you can choose any name you want.
  • Source Stream Name - enter the name of one of the Sources or Stream Files that you wish to forward.
  • Destination Application Name - enter "live" (without quotes) in this field.
  • Destination Application Instance - enter the full MAS domain name or CNAME of your MAS streaming configuration, prefixed with "?vhost=". For example: ?
  • Destination Host - enter your configuration's MAS Publish URL. You can find this in the "Publish URL" section of the configuration detail's page. Enter it without the "rtmp://" section. If you keep the "rtmp://" section the Wowza form will submit without errors but you will find that your Wowza instance cannot connect to the MAS publish server.
  • Destination Port - enter the port number of your MAS Publish URL. You can find this in the "Publish URL" section of the configuration detail's page.
  • Destination Stream Name - enter the name of the stream that you want to use for your stream on MAS. For example: channel01. 
  • Username and Password - not required. Leave these fields blank.

Once you have this form completed, save your Wowza stream target. It should automatically enable by default and set to "Active". If enabling the stream target results in an error, disable it first and then check that you have correctly filled in all the fields listed above.

RTMP & HLS streaming URLs for your end users

The "Destination Stream Name" which you used when completing the above steps will be used by MAS to create your RTMP and HLS streaming URLs. For example if used "channel01" as the Destination Stream Name then your MAS streaming URLs for your end users would be:

If you need assistance with forwarding Wowza streams to MAS then please don't hesitate to contact MAS Support at

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